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The Stage Managers’ Association is pleased to announce the election of Elynmarie Kazle of Akron, Ohio to the position of Chair of the Stage Managers’ Association (SMA).

Ms. Kazle is the first candidate from outside New York to be so elected in its 33 year history. She previously served on the board as a co-Secretary. Kazle believes the SMA is an essential affiliation for every stage manager and is eager to see it expand its outreach. “Some of us work in teams and some on our own but we can all benefit from collaboration and collegial support,”.

Kazle Serves as current Chair of Stage Managers’ Association

Elynmarie Kazle has been a theatre manager, fundraiser, director, grants writer, production manager and event coordinator for venues across the country as well as internationally.  Her work in college as well as high school theatre includes developing a signature curriculum and developing methods for creating a project team for an organization or production.

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